Board of Directors

Board of Directors

DickeySteve and Melody Dickey

We are Steve and Melody Dickey from Folsom, California. We were married in 1980, and are the proud parents of three grown sons and a daughter : Matt, Keith, Tim and Katie. Our three boys were all born by cesarean section and Melody’s doctor recommended we have no more biological children. We decided at that point if we were to have any additional children we would adopt, so in July 1996 we adopted our daughter Katie at birth.

I (Steve) graduated from college in 1974 and immediately went to work at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California in 1984. I helped Open Intel’s Folsom campus and have held several technical positions through the years, but I currently work in Intel’s Flash Memory Group managing Automation, Planning and Equipment Engineering.

Melody attended Florida College then returned to California in 1978. She moved to San Jose , California when she and I were married. When our first son was born in 1981, Melody became a happy stay-at-home mom. It was important to us and our plan from the time we were married that she be at home with our children. Melody has volunteered regularly at the kid’s schools, and has been “room mom” regularly from the time our oldest son started kindergarten. She also has helped put together the school yearbook.

We are dedicated Christians and endeavor to put God first in our lives. We are members of the Folsom church of Christ, and we worship regularly each week. It’s our whole hearted belief and we have taught our children that basing our daily living on Godly principles is the foundation of a happy, successful and contented life. I serve as a deacon and treasurer and both Melody and I teach bible classes.

We are excited to be able to share our adoption experience and provide any assistance we can to a Christian couple or family hoping to adopt.

Kevin and Pam Findley

Kevin and Pam Findley both attended Florida College in 1973. Kevin went on to obtain his law degree and currently practices in Bakersfield, California. Pam and Kevin have raised three wonderful children and on top of all her “mothering” responsibilities and successes Pam is very active in community outreach, community services and in missionary work overseas.

CarrozzaDavid and Dana Carrozza

David and Dana both attended Florida College in 1972. They went there separate ways, David went on to Chico State graduating in 1976 with degrees in Microbiology and Chemistry, then to Oakland, California to complete his internship to become a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Dana graduated from California State Long Beach with a degree in Marketing. They were married in Berkeley, California in 1979 and have since raised two great kids Nicole and Cameron.  Nicole and Cameron both attended Florida College. They both are happily married and Nicole and her husband, Nick Grinnell have given us two delightful grandchildren, Peyton 18 months and Hailey 1 month. Cameron and his wife Christa were married in June 2006. Both of our kids live a respectful 2 miles from us, just enough social distance and just right for those unannounced drop in visits.

David and Dana have worked together running two different medical laboratories. The first Placerville Medical Laboratory which was sold to a local hospital in 1989 and a second, THE LAB opened its doors in 1992 and was sold in 2006. It was during this time period that in the course of business Dana became aware of a significant number of young women coming to our facilities for pregnancy tests. Many were interested in the results to document their condition for the purpose of having an abortion. The realization of this typical scenario prompted Dana to research some information on a local adoption facilitation service and to have brochures, “Adoption is an Option” placed at our laboratory patient service centers. This decision and practice soon expanded into a passion on Dana’s part to become more deeply involved in assisting and connecting birth mothers with couples looking to adopt that extended well beyond and outside of our laboratory business. In about 2003 Dana began to see a need for assisting young couples or families that had determined to adopt a child and had the requisite means to raise a child or children but needed help with the costs of the adoption process.

The idea for Sacred Selections was born. When THE LAB was sold in 2006, the Sacred Selections foundation was in place, the board was ready and now the time and financial resources were available to fund, administer and promote our goals.

David and Dana have determined to dedicate a significant portion of their now “retired time” to the operation and promotion of the Sacred Selections foundation mission. Dana has been involved, directly and indirectly in over 800 adoptions outside of the foundations specific objectives but none the less has played an important role assisting mothers, children and couples to meet and successfully adopt. Several adopting couples have made their home with Dana and David while adoptions are taking place in California. These events have been the source and beginning of some deep and lasting friendships, surely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of their lives. Watching families begin through adoption is a deeply moving experience.

WatermanRod and Lisa Waterman

Rod and Lisa live in Bartlett just outside of Memphis, TN. They have four children, two sons and two daughters. They worship at the Bartlett Church of Christ where Lisa is very active as a teacher.

Lisa was first introduced to Dana in 2003 by a mutual friend when Lisa and Rod were looking into adoption themselves. They adopted Irina, their youngest child, from Russian in 2005 when she was ten years old. Irina quickly became part of the Waterman family and has thrived with her siblings. It was during that roller coaster process of adoption that Lisa and Rod decided they wanted to help others through the process, but were not sure what they could do. In early 2008 Lisa learned more about the work of Sacred Selections. She contacted Dana to learn more about the mission of Sacred Selections and was eager to help. Rod took a hard look as well and found the foundation to be a great way to fulfill our biblical duty to help orphans. When Lisa asked how we can help, Dana simply said, “We need money to help these children!” That was enough for Lisa and several friends to create the first Memphis area fundraiser for Sacred Selections.

Rod and Lisa are committed to helping children into Christian homes where they can be raised and taught about our God, what he has done for us, and how to serve him.