Rita Buck

Rita met Dana Carrozza (one of Sacred Selection’s founders) at Florida College. In 2010, just after her husband passed, she asked Dana to put her to work with Sacred Selections. Rita later said, “Little did I know HOW much work she had for me to do.”

Rita began keeping track of donor information, and after retiring in 2014, she’s finding even more ways to help. Rita says,  “It is amazing how work satisfaction changes when you go from  ‘making a living’ to ‘doing the work of the Lord.’ The Lord has blessed me by providing a way for me to live comfortably while doing this important volunteer work. Dana is my hero and I always tell her that I want to be like her when I grow up.” 

Thank you, Rita, for your hard work in helping children find Christian homes!

Tina Gray

Tina has worked with Sacred Selections since the Fall of 2016. She and her husband have been on their own adoption journey, and in Tina’s words, “I wanted to do all I could to help others on theirs.”

Tina helps manage the overall fundraising events website. That site is utilized by all Sacred Selections Fundraising Event Chairs and gives them quick access to important information as they plan and prepare for events. Tina says, “I am so lucky to get to be a part of this work in some small way and am so grateful to all who work so hard in this wonderful endeavor!”

Sacred Selections needs more workers like Tina. Thank you!

Erin Sullivan

Erin has worked with Sacred Selections since 2011. She says, “There is nothing I have wanted more my entire life than to be a mama. When health issues were derailing that dream, Joshua and I turned to adoption. Sacred Selections helped to make our dreams come true when Josiah was born in 2010.”

She does graphic design work as well as marketing materials for social media and events. But now, Erin has a much bigger Sacred Selections family. She says, “I still help Dana make graphics, presentations, and flyers, but I am just one of many that work to help this fantastic organization that, with God’s amazing providence, makes dreams come true for children and families everyday. I am blessed to be part of it.”

We’re blessed to have you as a volunteer, Erin! Thank you for your work.


Norma Smith

Norma does many things for Sacred Selections — from helping fundraisers in Folsom, CA to sending thank you cards to families who send in donations.

She is extremely passionate about Sacred Selections because she loves helping children. She said, “I love children — always have. I was influenced by my mother who adored children.”

Thank you, Norma, for your passionate work!


Dan Watt

Dan began working with Sacred Selections in 2011. He was adopted as a newborn into a loving Christian family so adoption has always been special to him. After attending a 2008 Sacred Selections event in Kansas City, he and his wife knew if they chose to adopt in the future, Dana Carrozza would be the one they called.

A few years later, Dan and his family moved to Nashville, TN to work with Ramsey Solutions — a financial peace organization dedicated to helping families become debt free. Dan says, “One of the perks is being able to take a week of paid leave every year to help a ministry of our choosing. I am a software developer and learned that Sacred Selections needed someone to work on the website. So in 2011, the website got some much needed attention without needing to spend any donated funds.” Dan went on to say that “Sacred Selections is the ministry that our whole family will support for many years to come.”

Thank you, Dan, for your much needed work!

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey has been helping families beautifully tell their story through photography for the past 10 years. Her heart and passions align with children. She is honored to be able to give of her God given talents to serve families through Sacred Selections. Elizabeth has provided onsite portrait sessions and prints to families in attendance at local fundraisers, portrait packages for auction items, and blessed adoptive families with a custom portrait experience to help tell their story. She says, “Thank you for including me in this opportunity!”

Thank you, Elizabeth for your talents and service!

Emily Atherton

Emily has been married to her husband, Daniel, since 2005 and has three children.  She has worked with Sacred Selections since she adopted her own precious

Sacred Selections baby, Grace, in the fall of 2015. Emily helps new families understand the adoption process by offering her own experience and counsel to

prospective adoptive parents.

Emily says, “After personally going through the adoption journey and receiving the emotional, spiritual, and financial support that Sacred Selections provides, I am honored to help other families on that same journey. I love meeting new families, helping them 

understand the adoption process, and getting them started with their home studies and grant paperwork. I am thankful the Lord has blessed me by connecting me with an organization like Sacred Selections that helps so many families fulfill God’s directive to help the fatherless.”

Emily, thank you for all your hard work. We need more volunteers like you!